Wood Slab Table Tops Prefect for Kitchen



Wood slab table tops allows for everyone at the table to talk to anyone and everyone because sightlines are not obscured by the angle as with a square or rectangular dining room table. In addition, wood slab table tops it seems to provide more leg room for dinner because they usually pedestal design that allows for a chair to reach under the table away.

Wood slab tables tops can also be a perfect addition to a kitchen or dining room in order to completely remake the room without spending a lot of money on renovations. Changing one simple piece of furniture, and you can see the new space. It is wood slab table tops that are reminiscent of the Art Deco period of the 1930s and they made a great center piece for any dining room. Versatile and smooth is dark brown cherry finish and stability comes from the pedestal base substantially.

Wood slab table tops are made of knotty pine wood creamy white and will fit in almost any kitchen or formal dining room decor. To ensure the strength and durability of the table tops are laminated together 2 ½ “thick sheets of knotty pine and the top edge of the table draw-knifed to solve unique. Since no two trees grow together. Desk it is the color Number which gives them a unique feel different with them before seeing the design. Manufactured from solid pine and birch veneers and features a number of distinguishing color for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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